Intensive Driving Courses Doncaster

Driving crash courses are a fun fast way to take driving lessons in Doncaster and we’re specialists for intensive driving courses in Doncaster, Pontefract and also the areas of Scunthorpe. Intensive lessons are very popular and this is simply because it can reduce the time taken to learn to drive to weeks.

Driving School & Intensive Course Specialists

Make rapid progress with a structured crash course which lasts for a period of 1 to 5 weeks. We’ve an impressive successful reputation with these fast pass lessons. It’s because here, each instructor is professionally focused, dedicated well organised when it come to offering instruction. This makes better learning and faster test success.

How we do crash course intensive lessons

Intensives are fast paced style of taking driving lessons. Because of this we would like to make sure that you are fully informed and suitable for this type of course. We do this by providing an initial assessment drive lesson of just 90 minutes.

Based on how well you drive, we can plan out your lessons and let you know approximately how much training you’ll need.

Why learn intensive

Intensive driving crash courses are popular. It’s mainly because some learners simply haven’t the time to take driving lessons on a week by week schedule. By condensing sessions into weeks people can learn and pass fast with very little fuss in a work holiday period for example.

Another reason why intensives are ideal is simply because some learners are better learning at a faster rate. People learn in different and here at JGM we customised crash course training for your individual best performing learning needs.

Intensive Crash Course details & pricing

Below you can find an up to date price guide to give you an idea of your intensive driving course costs.

10 hours (2 days)

For those who are close to test standard and are confident learner drivers.

15 hours (5 days)

Suitable for learners with good car control skills and are able to deal with a variety of junctions and roundabouts whilst being comfortable in traffic. Should have good road awareness and anticipation abilities.

25 hours (5 days)

For pupils at the midway stage of learning to drive with reasonable car control skills and basic understanding of how to apply the Highway Code practically.

40 hours (7 days)

This is for beginners with very little, or no practical experience at the wheel of a car.

pass a faster way with JGM Driving School intensive courses

To getting started with a tailored intensive driving course, we have a professional team ready to help.