Motorway Lessons

Get prepared for driving on motorways by taking a course of motorway driving lessons by JGM driving school. We’ll teach the safe aspects, routines and skills for driving on these types of roads with better confidence.

A motorway course usually only requires a few hours of essential lessons. JGM strongly recommends taking a course of motorway training. This is simply because a learner driver is not allowed on the motorway until they have passed the driving test. We can help you to understand the key points and develop the correct skilled to prepare you for dealing with these high speed limit roads.

Generally, motorways are very safe roads if deal with properly. However, accidents do happen and when an accident occurs on a motorway it is usually very serious and often involves multiple vehicles.

With us, we are high trained and experience to show you how to deal with motorways in a safe and proper way. You’ll learn to motorway rules of the road all within a safe, positive practicing environment.