Refresher Lessons

Feel better at the wheel by taking refresher driving lessons with one of the JGM Drive driving school instructors local to you. We offer refresher course solutions for many reason. JGM focuses on safety first and we can help to improve your skills, knowledge, confidence and more.

Over time, it’s easy to develop a few bad driving habits and it’s important that your standards remain satisfactory and safe. Improving driver skills with a refresher can really enhance your performance. Here, an instructor can teach you better, easy to learn and effective techniques for the road. As well as improving safety, you could also become more efficient driver helping to reducing the costs of motoring.

Usually, a refresher driving course just consists of a few practical hours. Once you have reached your desired level there is no need for more training at that point.

If you haven’t driven in a while you could also find refresher training beneficial. We’ll bring your driving and rule of the road up-to-date and whilst helping regain you to become a better improved driver.