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Driving School Scunthorpe – JGM Drive Instructors

Looking for quality driving lessons in Scunthorpe? Then the JGM driving school team are ready to help. We’ve been providing tuition with skilled fully qualified driving instructors for many years now. We pride ourselves on high standards of safe tailored car training which is suitable for people at various levels.

Special Offer

If you’re new to learning to drive in Scunthorpe, you can get started up with our beginner offer of 20% off first 3 hours of beginner lessons.

We would like to make your learning to drive experience a fun, rewarding and very educational one. Your instructors will be happy to develop your driving skills in a safe, positive and comfortable environments. This is an ideal way to put the Highway Code into effective practise out on the roads of Scunthorpe.

Lessons use new, easy to control dual controlled cars. So, you can take tuition in style with JGM Drive.

Driving lessons with us aims to be ver affordable and very good value. As one of the reputable driving schools in Scunthorpe you can expect a very reliable service which is available 7 day a week.

Choose to learn with either a male, or female driving instructor. All of the team have approval and have been registered by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). In addition we have all been CRB certified.

Each driving lesson applies proper use of the rules of the road and follows the official DVSA syllabus for learner drivers.

Weekly training is available with 60, 90 and 120 minute lessons. The most popular choice is 90 minutes. Many of our pupils optionally take 2 sessions in a week. This way you can learn that bit faster.

Faster Progress with intensive driving courses in Scunthorpe

Looking to learn faster with an Scunthorpe intensive driving course? Well, we are your local specialists. At our driving school intensive driving courses in Scunthorpe are a very popular request. The reason for this is that we help people to pass in a short time of 1 to 6 weeks. Our structured learning programme is is fun and geared for success.

To assist and enhance tuition we make use for modern visual diagrams. This can speed up the learn process because they are very effective as getting those sometimes difficult points across in a simplified way. This often result in better performance and lessons hours of training.

You can benefit from driving lessons all a sensible costs. We have block booking deals alongside student discounts. Start saving here with the JGM Scunthorpe team.

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